Monday, June 22, 2009

Recent Activity

Many good things have happened over the past several months.

WAS: It's official, I have worked every state in this great union! I have 49 of the 50 states confirmed with paper QSL cards and the one missing card (MA) is confirmed by LOTW. Many thanks to all of you who have sent me your QSL card! The next obstacle is actually getting the certificate. I am not an ARRL member as of yet which means I have to become a member to apply for the WAS award. The ARRL requires US hams to be ARRL members to apply for ARRL awards which means I"m looking at spending $40 to get the WAS certificate.

Antennas: My GAP Eagle DX has finally been relocated from the middle of my back yard, to being up in the air where it should rightfully be. It is located on a mast that is about 15' tall which places the tip of the antenna at about 35'. I was able to secure the mast to the house and place guy wires to support the antenna. After hooking the antenna up after the move, I worked Guatemala City, Guatemala on RTTY, using 50W. Yay!

Field Day 2009: Field Day is next weekend and my buddy Tom W0EA and I are going to operate QRP from a park. We've decided to try out low power because his rig tops out at 20W and operating QRP during field day nets some pretty impressive bonus multipliers! If you hear W0EA/QRP, that will be us!

73 Joe N0NS

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