Friday, October 23, 2009

Free at last!

I haven't posted much for a while because I have been too busy doing school work. Thankfully, I just finished my last college class and now have my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Working full time while raising a family and taking college classes can drain on you and I am glad it is behind me!

Since finishing school, I have been more active on HF. I worked a handfull of PSK31 contacts including 4U1UN. 4U1UN is the UN Headquarters station in New York. This was the first time I have heard this station on the air since being licensed 15+ years ago.

They were calling CQ on 30 meters using RTTY split. I got set up and tried about 10 times to break through the pileup while picking up my basement. I saw 4U1UN report that they were going to take a short break which was fine by me. When they came back online, I saw them work one station and I jumped in right after. I was shocked when they came back to me! In fact, I royally messed up my reply because I was not expecting their call so soon.

I have also been on 40 and 80 meter PSK31 and have had some success working stateside stations.

That's all for now.

Joe N0NS

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