Monday, April 6, 2009


I fixed my PSK interface this week.  The audio plug had a loose connection which made for intermittent audio.  It is back up and works great!

I called CQ on 40 meters and worked a local here in Cedar Rapids followed by a guy in New York.  Both were very loud and easy copies!

I am currently taking a Linear Algebra class and in three weeks, will be taking the summer off.  I am heading up to Canada in May to go fishing and am going to bring the HF setup with me.  I hope to operate a lot up there when not fishing.  The cabins do not have power so I will be on battery power.  This will be the first time I've operated HF away from my home QTH and the first time operating out of country!  I plan on operating mostly CW and some SSB.

I hope to hear you then!

73  Joe  N0NS

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A said...


Would you share your cable interface schematic? I have a TS-450S/AT also and would like to PSK-31 with it.

Thanks and 73,