Monday, November 3, 2008

And then there were five...

Needless to say, I have been pretty busy lately. I just wrapped up an Advanced UNIX class and rolled into a general elective class which has a lot of reading and writing.... For the few who do read my blog, thanks!

A big thanks goes out to James, N4EKZ... He sent me a QSL card from Georgia. That means I am down to five states before my Worked All States award is mine! Our QSO was fairly short. We both exchanged 569 on 40 CW. After we "volleyed" our name, QTH, and RST, the band dropped completely. 40 has done that to me a few times lately. A great signal goes to nothing within a couple of mintes. Regardless the contact was good and I have paper to proove it. James, if you read this, your card will be in the mail tomorrow.

Speaking of my card. If you get a card from me, the image is a picture looking out the window of an Airbus A320. I took the picture on a trip from Minneapolis back to Colorado Springs when I lived in Colorado Springs. The sunset made the coolest color effect on the clouds. If you QSL with me, you too can enjoy the view.

I have made a few PSK31 QSO's and even fewer CW QSO's lately. Some day I'll ramp my QSO rate up but I'm in no big hurry!

Well, I have to hit the books. 73 and take care all! Joe N0NS

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