Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gee, where did the time go?

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't been very active since last writing save a few occasions. The first was the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon. Have you heard of SKCC? If you like CW using a straight key, this is an excellent club that is free to join and offers a great opportunity to work other friendly hams using straight keys. The Sprintathon is a monthly contest where the goal is to contact other SKCC members and exchange information. This was my second contest and I made 22 contacts. That's not many compared to the big contests but this contest is definitely slower paced and a lot of fun.

Here are the results from the event I entered. I placed 92nd which is not bad considering the previous event, I had 3 QSO's!

My Score

The SKCC page is here: SKCC Page

After the SKCC Sprintathon, I kept it pretty low key. I did work a few SKCC members having some nice ragchews, but I was away for a week on vacation in Orlando, FL!

After getting back to Iowa, I did manage to work one QSO this past weekend. I worked KH6LC in Hawaii on 15 meters. I was on 15 because a SKCC friend in California needs Iowa for a SKCC WAS certificate and I was trying to listen for him. Well I ended up hearing Hawaii and Brazil and no California. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes!

No news on the WAS front. I still need DE, MO, MS, NH, and RI before I have my first piece of shiny wallpaper!

Well, on to wrapping up this week's assignment. I have three classes to go and I'll be finished with school! Yay!

73 all! Joe N0NS

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