Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And then, there were six...

Thanks to VE2PID operating portable/QRP in Vermont, I now have six states left before my WAS certificate is in hand!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of listening and not much transmitting. My class load has been a tad bit draining and when I'm done studying, I'm ready for bed.

Speaking of the bands, I believe we have definitely made a transition into the fall/winter mode of band condition. 20 and 30 are all but shut down when I turn the rig on at 9pm CST. 40 has been doing especially poor too. 80 has been open now which is nice to hear for once! I do have some local RFI interference on 80 meters which makes that band that much more challenging for me to use.

After the great RTTY run I posted about, I spent some time on the digital side. Out of 50+ CQ calls, I think I made 1 contact. I'm not sure if the conditions are bad or everyone is in bed, but that's how it goes sometimes!

Take care all... 73 Joe N0NS

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