Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The bands lately...

Well, as of the past few days, there have been very few thunderstorms within 300 or so miles of my QTH and the bands have quieted down from a noise perspective. For a while there, I had a hard time contacting anyone.

Just over the past two nights, I worked Montana on 20 meters , Austrailia on 20 meters, Ohio on 30 meters running QRP, and Alabama on 40 meters, initially QRP then QRO for better communication.

I've been in a mode where I will be studying for my school homework and am sending CQ at the same time. Usually I am sending QRP or less then 50 watts so my hit rate has not been the greatest. The majority of my time I'm calling CQ on 20 meters even though the band sounds dead. Why? Well every time I've worked Austrailia or New Zeland the band seemed locked down tight but the DX would call me out of nowhere! That's a good enough reason for me!

I'm working on my SKCC "C" title which means I need to work 100 SKCC members. I'm up to 22 so far. I'm not in a rush but it's just another thing to log and slowly work towards!

73 for now... Joe N0NS

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