Monday, January 5, 2009

Two, thank you...

Only two states left to go for WAS. I confirmed MO for WAS! Yay!

I was off for Christmas shutdown and was busy doing a lot of different things. It is a special time for me because it is the only time during the year that I do not have classes or work so I have the chance to truly relax and get things around the house done too. This break I visited my family in Waterloo a few times and my wife and I are in the process of re-finishing our kitchen floor.

On the radio side of things, I have been having trouble with my digital interface box I built. I suspect the variable pot is bad. This is causing no audio from my computer to reach my radio. The problem is intermittent and the last time I thought it was fixed, it was not working the next day.

I worked Croatia on 80 meters the other night. It was at about 1AM local time (0700Z) and I heard a 9A calling CQ and not getting any responces. When I answered him, he came right back to me. Mind you I am using a 40 meter dipole on 80 meters! I am not sure how I am pulling it off but I am more then happy to work DX late night while everyone else is asleep!

Take care,

Joe N0NS

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