Thursday, June 26, 2008

Field Day, Pileup, and more...

First off, I managed to pick up Arkansas and Alabama for my Worked All States award. This means I have less than 10 states to go before I have WAS knocked out. Not bad for spending a little over seven months working on it!

W0CXX Pileup. I recently joined the Collins Amateur Radio Club. It is our company club at Rockwell Collins where I work. We have a full array of Collins gear along with a IC-756Pro, several 1KW+ amplifiers and a TH7 beam. Earlier this week, a few of us Collins employees decided to go up and see what we could dig up on 20 meters. Within 15 minutes, we had a huge pileup. We estimated that we worked 120-150 contacts that evening and it was very exciting to be on that side of a pileup.

I walk past the club station on my way out of work, and sometimes I will go up and operate CW for a few minutes before leaving work. I really enjoy having such a nice station that is virtually vacant 99% of the time available for use.

Field Day is this weekend! I will be operating from my parent's house up in Waterloo, Iowa. Tentatively, we will be operating three transmitters off of battery power using an array of verticals, dipoles, and other random antennas. We are going to go for the maximum number of contacts and hope to operate 24 hours straight! Listen for our signals!

73 Joe N0NS

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