Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slow Speed To Texas

Well last night I was studying for my Computer Science degree. I have seven classes to go including the one I am currently taking. With work and family, I usually get to my books at around 9 PM and wrap it up around midnight. All the while, I have my radio on and am spinning through the bands listening for DX or occasionally a empty frequency to hear static and a possible CQ pop up. I heard a loud CQ on 7.052 from 5 land and decided to give the station a call. Since the band was quiet and there was practically no noise, I reduced power to 50 watts The Texas station heard me and we had a nice QSO. I like to crank my keyer speed down every now and then because even though I am not terribly fast and sending, there are plenty of stations that send slower then me. It was a nice end to the night and I still love hearing a station in some other part of the country/world come back with my call. 73 Joe N0NS

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